Who is TAY Consulting?


After 15 years in my industry, I decided to alter direction. Now, I share my passion by supporting all business types.  Whether the need is for short term or long term business support, TAY Consulting can help coordinate and implement a fruitful resolution.


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Tonya has over 15 years experience working with amazing companies. Tonya has a  passion for helping others to succeed and enjoys inspiring others to  organize, construct and grow. 

Tonya  is a member of the national Society for Human Resource Management  (SHRM) and SHRM affiliate chapter San Antonio HR Management Association  (SAHRMA), where she actively serves as a team member with the Digital  Communications Committee and South Texas HR Symposium.


My  passion is people. My motto is, "People first, because people make the  world go 'round." Culture cannot exist without people. Strides,  discoveries, successes and failures cannot happen without people. All of  the Artificial Intelligence in the world could never replace people. 


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